Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Boo-berry - It's not just for breakfast anymore

So today I have for you... Boo-berry from Girly Bits' 2012 Halloween Collection. Here she is in all of her purple glitter jelly loveliness.

Such a pretty blurple jelly packed with pink, purple, blue and black glitter. I love how the glitter is just suspended in the jelly, and you can see all of the layers. I swatched two coats of Boo-berry over one coat of Zoya Suri (another beautiful purple) on my pointer and middle fingers; and my ring and pinky have three coats of Boo-berry without undies to show the jelly on its own. As usual a coat of HK girl is the topper.
I think three coats of Boo-berry is good if she isn't being layered over a colored base, but I really like her over Suri. I generally like to layer glitter jellies over a colored base because I think the background helps the glitters stand out even more.
I believe the Girly Bits shop and Llarowe are both currently sold out of Boo-berry, but I would check back every once in a while and try to get your hands on it. 

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