Wednesday, October 17, 2012

butter LONDON Bluey

Bluey. BLUEy? I know it is supposed to be a metallic peacock blue, but I dunno, to me it leans more to a dark teal. But whatever, I like the color. And since most of my blue polishes lean more toward royal blue, it is something a little different for me, and I think it is a great color for a fall manicure. So, without further ado, Bluey.
As much as I like the color, the formula is not one of my favorite as far as bLs go. I found it to be kind of thin and watery, and it went on very streaky for me. The photo shows three coats (sans top coat) and that is when I think it evened out well enough. I do like that the brush strokes aren't really noticeable to me since that is a problem that I have seen with plenty of metallics. Overall I like Bluey, but the thin formula keeps it from being one of my fave butter Londons.

If any of you have worn Bluey, did you have any application issues? And how did you like the color? Inquiring minds want to know so leave a comment. ;o)


~ Jaclyn

*All products mentions were purchased by me and all opinions are my own.


  1. I haven't tried this color, but I agree that some BL are really thin almost to the point they should be just toppers not main colors

    1. I found it almost more of a thin jelly with ultra fine glitter. I agree that some should be used as top coats, and I think I am going to layer Bluey over something else next time.