Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ghosts - 8 Spooky Nights Nail Art Challenge day 4

Hey y'all. (Whoa, totally said that in Paula Deen's voice in my head, and no, I have no clue why. Anyways...)

Today is my second mani inspired by ghosts. For the first ghost mani I did (you check that out here) I went video game and did King Boo and the red boos. As much as I loved that one, I wanted to do something different for this one. I looked at a lot of designs but nothing was really grabbing me, so I decided to free hand it.
For the background I went with Storm from the new Zoya Ornate Collection to give it a starry night feel, and for my ghosts bodies(?) I used a combo of white acrylic and SH White On, and CG Liquid Leather for the eyes and mouths. And then for added effect, I went over the ghosts with Fantasy Makers Go with the Glow.
They had to have a nice ghostly glow, you know? ;o)
If you didn't already know, adding a second coat of glow in the dark polish gives off a much brighter glow, which you can see in the difference between the ghosts and "BOO." I don't know why I never thought of it before, but I am glad I did for this.

I like the way this came out a lot and am even a little surprised with this one. I hope you liked it too, and remember to check out the other participants' designs in the links below.

Catch all of you later! :o)

~ Jaclyn

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  1. These little guys are darling and the glow in the dark is awesome!

  2. Love love love em! And the glow in the dark was a great idea!!

    1. I figured they wouldn't be complete without that. :o) Thanks!

  3. Cute! I love the glow in the dark! These remind me of some semi-transparent ghost shapes my mom once bought me for Halloween, love all the different shapes!

    1. Thank you! :o) It was fun to make them each different. I figure ghosts are probably like snowflakes and no two are the same.