Friday, October 12, 2012

Jack-O-Lanterns - This is Halloween Challenge day 4

I spent awhile today trying to figure out what to do for this theme. I couldn't decide if I wanted paint my whole nail orange to be the pumpkin, or did I want to paint pumpkins onto a background, did I want the faces to be black or should they be glowing... You get the idea.

So I went looking for some inspiration and came across this post from Kayla Shevonne. I never saw her blog until today, but I loved her jack-o-lantern manicure. Here is my jack-o-lantern attempt that her photo inspired.
I used 365 Days of Color's Black Flame Candle over CG Liquid Leather for the base, and yellow acrylic paint, Zoya's Creamy and Jancyn to make the faces. Then I went over the eyes, noses and mouths with Fantasy Makers Glow in the Dark polish, but I failed (miserably) when I tried to take a picture of it glowing. Unfortunately I didn't get everything as neat as I wanted, but I think I did a pretty decent job. Let me know what you think in the comments section. :o) And remember, Polishing Off Pancreatic Cancer raffle ends tomorrow night at midnight EST, so you still have a day to make a donation to enter. You can see the details for that here.

***Update - Apparently, Kayla posted a tutorial for her version here. I really wish I had seen that BEFORE I did this, but I guess since I just looked at the photo and winged it I just went a more challenging route.

***Another update - I bought a black light, and using that the polish glowed better, and I got a photo!

You can check out the manis from the others participating by clicking the links below, and if you are participating you can add yourself to the links. Enjoy the nail art everyone!


  1. These are great! They scream, happy halloween!

  2. I love how you did this!!! It looks great :)

  3. Check out that awesome clean up job you did........ Clean up or die coalition needs you!