Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Vampire - 8 Spooky Nights Challenge Day 2

As I was searching for inspiration, I came across a vampire manicure here and I figured I would try that, but with fang marks instead of bats on the other nails. But then my coworker gave me another idea for the other nails, and I liked it and ran with it. So I have for you, Dracula surrounded by the weapons to fight him!
I figure the ring finger is obvious, and then I have a wooden stake on my pinky, holy water on my middle finger, a cross on my index and garlic on my thumb. The background on all is Zoya Harley, and then I used an assortment of polishes and 2 acrylic paints. It isn't my neatest work, but I had to stop messing with it and trying to clean it up because I was just making more of a mess.

I hope you like my vampire inspired design, overall I am pretty happy with it. You can also check out the art of the other participants by clicking on their links below, and you can check out Peace Love Lacquer's Facebook page to check out the photos from the non-blogger participants. :o)

~ Jaclyn

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  1. I LOVE this! The garlic cracks me up. This is such an awesome idea!

  2. So unique!! To me, Dracula looks a bit uncomfortable...hahaha. :)