Sunday, November 4, 2012

Give ME acetone and angled brushes or give ME death!

(Yes, I borrowed that phrase from another blogger with permission)

I am going to be honest with all of you about something. There has been a whole lot of hype over the Bloggers for Cuticle Cleanup group, and since I have yet to see proof to back up what people are saying it is all conjecture. I am a blogger (obviously) and I believe in cleaning up when I do manicures and nail art. I want to show my work in the best light that I can, and I do not like to show off incredibly messy work of my own. I have NEVER claimed that my work is perfect, as much as I wish it was. I have also NEVER gone to other people's blogs, pages, FB posts, etc. and left them negative feedback saying that their work is messy and so on.  Yes, I have seen manicures that don't meet my expectations for myself, but I do not go and call that person out in a public forum for it. I judge my work, and I let everyone else judge their own. I expect a lot more of myself than I do of everyone else, and just because I hold myself to a higher standard does not mean I am looking down on other polish people or that I think I am better than they are. To me, part of cleaning up my manicures is a respect thing. I respect the  makers I swatch, especially the indies, and I want to show that respect by portraying their products in the best way I can.

I have seen bloggers claiming that B4CC was created to belittle and bully other bloggers, and that we have been going around (for a while apparently) and leaving negative and nasty comments to people. No, we have not been doing that, and that is the meaning that other people who were not involved gave to  B4CC. Perhaps the wording was not completely clear as to what the point of the group is and people took it to be aggressive, but rather than clarifying anything, people instead went and wrote up posts about their negative interpretation (and from what I can tell they are pretty much based on rumors) which in turn blew it up. Someone went so far as to go and look through my posts and leave negative comments. From what I can tell they did it just for the sake of being nasty. Since that is what any of us with the button have been accused of doing I find that amusing. People are calling us names and saying we are evil and so on. Newsflash - those people do not know me. I do not appreciate being judged because of a badge I have up as a standard for myself. Form your opinions about me based on how I talk to and treat people in the community, not because of how you interpret a button I have.

This is a free country. You have every right to have opinions that do not mesh with mine. I also have every right to have opinions that do not mesh with yours. If you do not like the fact that I find cleanup an important part of my work, so be it. But do not use your not agreeing as an excuse to twist my beliefs and go around portraying me in a negative light.

My B4CC badge is for me and about me. It does not mean that I am any better than any of you. If you feel that it does, well that means you are attributing a different meaning to it, and that is on you. Contrary to popular belief NONE of this is all about you, and it is NOT all about other bloggers. Yes, there has been cleanup controversy in the past, but I was not a part of that and I want all of you to keep me out of it.

To all the newbies and prospective newbies - please do not base your opinions of any of us with the badge on what other people tell you, but talk to us and get to know us and base your opinions on US. And please do not let all of the drama surrounding this and the meaning other people are giving to B4CC deter you from getting into nail art and/or blogging. If you want to do it, GO FOR IT. We all started out in pretty much the same place, and before I started blogging I didn't know a darn thing about cleanup. I look at my old mani pictures now and I can see I have come a long way. But it takes time and practice to get better at being neat, and if that is something you strive for you just have to work at it. If you are interested, there are plenty of cleanup tutorials you can look up. Honestly, there are plenty of catty people out there that may leave you negative feedback, but the girls I see doing that are not affiliated with B4CC. All I can say about it is do your best to shake it off and just keep blogging. If you want tips or suggestions, feel free to ask.

No one is saying anyone needs to conform to some non-existent rule. So on the flip side, if you don't care about cleanup, you should own it and don't make excuses. If someone goes and tells you that you need to moisturize your cuticles or buy some QTips, just tell them thanks but you like your work as is - "Yes, I know it is a bit messy, and no, I DON'T CARE!" Be strong and respectful, and do not go around jamming your beliefs down everyone else's throats. You should be proud of your work, however you like to portray it.

Wow. That was a super long rant. Sorry about the length, but that was something I needed to get off my chest. I know some of you may not agree, and I respect that. In return, please respect me and my blog, and do not go all over berating me and B4CC. I hope you appreciate what I said and still follow me. If not, I get that too. As I look around me at the devastation left by Sandy, I am reminded that in the grand scheme of things, all of this drama surrounding a button on our little blogs is rather meaningless. At this point, let's stop the name calling and finger pointing and just put this thing to bed so we can get back to blogging about our love for polish.

~ Jaclyn


  1. So much truth and sheer awesomeness. This sums up how I feel about sporting the badge, exactly.

  2. Thanks. That is what I was trying to do; especially since so much of what I am hearing is not what actually went on as far as B4CC.