Friday, December 7, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Challenge - Day 4

I got a kick out of today's theme. I had a little trouble narrowing down what I wanted to do though. My original plan was something from my most favorite Christmas movie, but I decided to use that idea a little down the road. Instead, I bring you something from another movie I love - A Charlie Brown Christmas. Behold, Chuck's tree!

Unfortunately it did not come out quite as good as I hoped, and I forgot to put the blue blanket around the bottom, but I think you still get the idea. For the background (and my other nails) I used CabrĂ³n from ManGlaze. It is described as a dark purple, but I find it to be a lot more blue, but whatever. I like it A LOT, and I think it was a great night sky color. To add some "stars" I used one coat of Festival of Lights from Amy's Nail Boutique, which has blue and silver holo micro glitter and is another polish I am loving. For the snow I used white acrylic paint, and then went over that with Rockettes, a white crelly with iridescent and holo glitters, from F4 Polish. I used Santorum (another from ManGlaze) for the tree base, tan acrylic for the tree trunk, and Zoya's Holly for the needles and Elisa for the ornament.

Like I said, I didn't get my little tree quite how I wanted it, but I love it anyway. And considering the story of that movie, it seems fitting that I didn't get it "perfect." :o)

I hope you like it, and feel free to check out the blogs in the links below so you can see their challenge manis too! And, you are more than welcome to join in.

Have a good one all!
~ Jaclyn

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