Saturday, February 2, 2013

Holos - CC Beyond and a franken

Yup. Today I have two holographic polishes for you.

The first is Beyond, a dark gray/black linear holo from the Color Club 2013 Halo Hues collection. I like the CC holo polishes a lot;  all of the ones I have are strong linear holos. I like scattered holos and all, but my faves are the linear holos. To me Beyond looks a little more dark gray than black in indoor light, and the holo isn't too noticeable, but take it outside in sunlight and wham! Holy holo Batman! Unfortunately the sun wasn't playing nicely with me today, so I resorted to using flash too. All photos are two coats of Beyond over Zoya Anchor and with a coat of HK Girl on top.
Indoor light
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Indirect sunlight

It went on fine and with minimal streaking for me. I do recommend using a base coat, and if you have any imperfections on your nails to buff them smooth first. One of the downsides (I find) with the holos like these is they can show off every tiny imperfection and ridge.But look at that Holo-y goodness! I think this is another color everyone should have. I am not sure when the 2013 Holo Hues are going to be released in stores, but I ordered Beyond, Over the Moon, and Eternal Beauty from Enospring and got them within three business days.

The second polish I have to show is actually still a work in progress. I am still on a quest to find a perfect red holo. I know there are some reds out there, I just have not fallen in love with any of them yet. So in the meantime I frankened myself one. Unfortunately at the moment it photographs more pink than it actually is, and I need to do a little more tweaking. But here is the most recent version.

The holo isn't as strong as the Color Clubs, but I am getting there. :o)

So, have you had a polish in your head that you couldn't find so you frankened it? What was it, and how did it come out? Feel free to tell me about your experiences searching and frankening too.

Laters all!

***All products mentioned above were purchased/made by me for my personal use and all opinions are my own.

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