Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nail Mail and TIOT

Ok, I just cannot be allowed on EBay after a certain time. Shopping when half asleep? I don't recommend it. Well, not usually. But if I was behaving and had not done that Saturday night, I would not have found these babies!

*Sigh*  They're even more beautiful in person. On the top row starting from the left, we have Hoodoo Voodoo?!, Mermaid's Tears, Just a Little Rosti at This, Mediterranean Moonlight, Yucatan if You Want and Fee Fi Fo Plum. The bottom row starting on the left is Sahara Sapphire, Tangerini Bikini, La Boheme, Glacier Bay Blues, Mamma Mia and Smokin in Havana. I have to say, La Boheme is even more beautiful in person. Look!
Hello my pretty, how I am enjoying ogling you! In a completely non-creepy way of course.

Oh, yeah, my nails. I was going through my untrieds, and decided it was time to give Zoya Bevin a try. She is a dusty, slightly dark seafoamish sagey green. (Sorry, I just cannot manage to pinpoint her color that well.) I was surprised when I put her on, Bevin pulls a little more gray on me than the photos show.
I had some trouble capturing the color. In the top photo she looks more sage, but the bottom photo shows her with a slightly more blue tone. Oh yes, that is two thin coats of Bevin with no top coat since I had planned to do some nail art that just didn't happen. The formula was great, albeit a tiny bit on the thick side. But I had no problem working with her; coverage was great and she leveled without a problem. Overall Bevin was a fine polish to work with, I am just on the fence about the color on my though. I think next time I will either use Bevin for nail art, or possibly as undies for another polish.

Have you ever gotten a polish that was not quite what you thought and that you didn't love like you expected to? Feel free to leave a comment and let us know how you rectified that.  :o)

And now to plot my next mani. Laters all!


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