Monday, February 18, 2013

NOTD - A Red, White and Blue manicure

Since today is President's Day I decided to do a Red, White and Blue manicure.

I used Zoya Rekha, (which is seriously an amazing red creme), Sally Hansen White On, OPI Eurso Euro from the Euro Centrale collection, and the glitter is Toad-ally Awesome from Dollish Polish's Super Mario Brothers collection.
Indoor light
Direct sunlight
 Rekha is definitely my favorite red creme, and Eurso Euro has finally met my need for a navy blue creme. I don't know if I could find a better red or blue for "patriotic" nail art.

And now for a close-up of Toad-ally Awesome.

I think this is a pretty handy glitter for patriotic nail art too. It is a clear base with medium red and white hexes, small white hexes, blue squares and blue and gold micro glitters. The base is a little gloopy (like I find most glitter bases), and since I am so picky I did some placing of the larger glitters, but overall it isn't a bad polish to work with. Since I have had it for a while the larger glitters did sink in the bottle, but that was taken care of easily with some good shaking.

So, that is my patriotic manicure for President's Day. I hope you like it. :o)

Later gators.


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