Thursday, March 28, 2013

butter LONDON Bossy Boots

Greetings all!

I was trying to come up with a Spring mani for Easter and decided to use Bossy Boots for the base. And since I haven't reviewed it yet I figured I might as well now. I used two coats of BB and one coat of HKG for my topcoat. Both photos were taken in artificial light without flash, but the pic with the bottle is more color accurate.

Color:  Dusty pistachio green. Swatch and Learn said it reminded her of green tea ice cream when she swatched it (here), and that is a pretty accurate description.
Finish: Creme
Formula/Application: A little thin but not so much that it runs or floods your cuticles. Easy enough to work with.
Coverage:   Decent coverage with one coat, I had minimal streaking/balding, but needs two coats for opacity.
Wear: Two days with no tip wear and the only chip is where I nicked my nail.
Dupe: None that I know of.
Where to buy: Bossy Boots is available on the butter LONDON website and I have recently seen it in Ulta.

Over all I like it, and I think it is a nice change on the brighter pastels I usually see for Spring. I was originally iffy on Bossy Boots (hubby picked it out) but it has grown on me. I like it a lot better on my nails than I did in the bottle. If you can try it out you should, don’t write it off just based of how it looks in the bottle – you may be surprised.

And now my problem is coming up with something to do for the rest of an Easter mani, so if you have any suggestions for me pleeeeeeeeeease let me know!

~ Jaclyn

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Julie G's Frosted Gumdrops

Greetings all!

Today I have one of the new textured polish collections, the Frosted Gumdrops set from Julie G.

Colors: Hot Cinnamon = Red, Tangerine Dream = Orange with gold shimmer, Rock Candy = Teal/Green with small hex glitters, Blueberry Fizz = Blue/Periwinkle with small hex glitters, Crushed Candy = Purple/Lilac with small hex glitters. Not shown is Sugar Rush = Coral with gold shimmer.
Formula: Very good; not thick and not thin
Application: Easy to work with, slight streakiness on the first coat but evened out with second coat.
Wear: So far no chips or tip wear but I have only had the colors on for a day.
Dupe: These are the first textured polishes I tried, so if there are duplicates I don’t know which polishes they are.
Where to buy: The collection will eventually be available in Rite Aid (I haven’t seen a specific release date yet, keep an eye on their Facebook page for that info) but you can currently buy them from the Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics website here.

Natural light

Artificial light
While I like this collection overall, the red, coral and orange are my favorites. I am not loving the small hexes in the other three and would prefer the colors without them. And if you haven't tried any of the textured polishes yet this may take a little getting used to. It feels kind of like a coarse nail file, but if you don't like the grit you can use Gelous and a topcoat to smooth it all out.

Have you tried any of the gumdrop colors yet? If not I would check them out.

~ Jaclyn

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

And the winner is...

I just have to say I think everyone did a fabulous job. Fresh Coat of Paint's watercolor mani is much better than any I have ever done and the gold flakes set off the greens really well. The free-hand nail designs from JessiGeeWhiz and Spicey'z Nails are fantastic, and Rachos Nail Love's caviar bead shamrock is a great use of a different material and something I wouldn't have thought of doing.

But the judges have spoken, and winner of the complete Sugar Rush collection from Sinful Colors is... Spicey'z Nails! Please email me at with your address so I can send your prize.

All of the lovely ladies who entered deserve a round of applause, both for their work and for having the guts to enter a nail art contest. (Trust me, if you have never entered one it takes some guts to put your work out there.) So let's give them all a hand!

A big thanks to all of you for participating, and I hope to see all of you again for the next contest. :o)

~ Jaclyn

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

And the entries are...

I was hoping to have these up yesterday, but technological difficulties did not allow for that. So here they are today!

(And these are in no particular order.)

Inspiration: I of course wanted to feature green and gold, but I have so many green polishes I couldn't decide which one to use! I decided to swirl together two greens over a light green base in a watercolor-like manicure, then added some gold flakes. The look is subtle from a distance, but (I think) intricate up close.

Inspiration: The colors and legends of St. Patrick's Day

"Always hoping for Luck & a Pot of Gold at the end of Rainbow"

Inspiration: I chose the colours/design because they are classic St Paddy's / Irish colours. Thats also why I went for a simplistic design with an accent nail, because I want to celebrate St Paddy's day but in an understated way :)

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post announcing the winner. Thanks to all of you who participated, I think you all did a great job! :o)

~ Jaclyn

Friday, March 15, 2013

NotD - Maisie and Raven

Greetings all!

I haven’t gotten around to a St. Paddy’s Day mani yet (but those of you who did should be emailing a photo to to enter the contest!) but my current mani does have some green to it.

First, the undies – Zoya Raven

Color: Black crème with silver shimmer that keeps it from being a severe pure black.
Formula: Consistency is great.
Application: Easy to work with; minimal streaking with first coat, but evened out with the second coat.
Wear: After three days I have no chips and almost no tip wear.
Dupe: I don’t have it to compare myself, but my understanding is Chanel Black Satin and Raven are pretty much dead on dupes.
Where to buy: Raven is available on the Zoya website here.

The photo is two coats of Raven over a regular base coat and without a top coat, and I used the flash to pick up the silver shimmer. If you haven’t figured it out yet Raven is my go-to black nail polish.

And over Raven is Maisie, one of Zoya’s Fleck Effect Top Coats from Spring 2012. This photo is one coat of Maisie over the two coats of Raven, with one coat of HK Girl on top, and taken in natural light. You can see the color shift with the blue towards the left and the green towards the right.

Color: Translucent blue base with holo glitter flakes that flash cobalt blue and bright green.
Formula: Consistency is a tiny bit thicker than regular polish to suspend the glitter.
Application: Easy to work with, great glitter payout/no fishing, minimal placing to avoid flakes piling together.
Wear: After three days I have no chips and almost no tip wear.
Dupe: Maisie and Opal (Zoya’s green based fleck polish) are really close, the only difference I can tell is the shade of the base. If you put either of them over a dark polish they look the same, and general consensus seems to be they are both similar to Finger Paints’ Flecked.
Where to buy: Unfortunately Maisie is not available on the website at this time, but Opal can be found here.

I have worn the Fleck Effect polishes over a couple of different colored bases, and I have to say I like them over dark colors like black or Navy blue the best. The flakes show up better over dark colors and can be hard to see over lighter colors.

Have you ever worn any of the holo flake polishes? Which did you like the best and let me know in comments if you recommend any.


~ Jaclyn

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Contest for St. Paddy's Day

Hey all.

I just wanted to remind everyone about the nail art contest I am having. I know St. Paddy's Day is Sunday, but you can email in your entries to and time between now and 11.59 that night. My original post with the rest of the details is here.

I hope to see your photos soon!

Laters all. :o)


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Reader's Choice Mani #2 - Zoya Holly and Gilty

Hiya everyone.

Today's mani is the one suggested by Steph - green with gold flake top coat.

For the green I used Zoya's Holly, a gorgeous bright green metallic from Zoya’s Gems and Jewels 2011 Holiday collection. Holly is one of my favorite shades of green and I think she is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas. Consistency and application were great.

The gold flake top coat I have is Zoya’s Gilty, from the Gilty Pleasures set that came out this past Fall. Since Gilty is a top coat I just used one coat for this mani. She has a slightly thick consistency, but not more than I see with most glitters, and for application she is fine to work with. A good amount of flake was on the brush each time so there was no fishing. I did work a little on placing some of the flakes, but that is because I am really picky and need flakes/glitters distributed as evenly as I can get them. Like most glitters, Gilty does not dry completely smooth, but one coat of TC evened it out with no problem. After two days of wear I have not had a single chip and no tip wear.

For these photos, I used two coats of Holly over base coat, one coat of Gilty, and one coat of my HK Girl top coat. The photo in direct sunlight is most accurate for color but the indirect sunlight is pretty close.

Direct sunlight
Artificial light

Indirect sunlight

I like the way this combo looks together a lot; it makes me think of a funky animal print type pattern. I think Holly is a great background for the gold of Gilty, and this is probably a great St. Paddy’s Day manicure. Unfortunately, while Holly is still available on the website, Gilty was a limited edition and is not available at this time. But, Gilty was brought back for a bit, so perhaps she will make an appearance again?

So, what do you think of this combination, and the gold flake top coats in general? Let me know in comments.

Laters all!

~ Jaclyn