Tuesday, March 19, 2013

And the entries are...

I was hoping to have these up yesterday, but technological difficulties did not allow for that. So here they are today!

(And these are in no particular order.)

Inspiration: I of course wanted to feature green and gold, but I have so many green polishes I couldn't decide which one to use! I decided to swirl together two greens over a light green base in a watercolor-like manicure, then added some gold flakes. The look is subtle from a distance, but (I think) intricate up close.

Inspiration: The colors and legends of St. Patrick's Day

"Always hoping for Luck & a Pot of Gold at the end of Rainbow"

Inspiration: I chose the colours/design because they are classic St Paddy's / Irish colours. Thats also why I went for a simplistic design with an accent nail, because I want to celebrate St Paddy's day but in an understated way :)

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post announcing the winner. Thanks to all of you who participated, I think you all did a great job! :o)

~ Jaclyn

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