Thursday, March 28, 2013

butter LONDON Bossy Boots

Greetings all!

I was trying to come up with a Spring mani for Easter and decided to use Bossy Boots for the base. And since I haven't reviewed it yet I figured I might as well now. I used two coats of BB and one coat of HKG for my topcoat. Both photos were taken in artificial light without flash, but the pic with the bottle is more color accurate.

Color:  Dusty pistachio green. Swatch and Learn said it reminded her of green tea ice cream when she swatched it (here), and that is a pretty accurate description.
Finish: Creme
Formula/Application: A little thin but not so much that it runs or floods your cuticles. Easy enough to work with.
Coverage:   Decent coverage with one coat, I had minimal streaking/balding, but needs two coats for opacity.
Wear: Two days with no tip wear and the only chip is where I nicked my nail.
Dupe: None that I know of.
Where to buy: Bossy Boots is available on the butter LONDON website and I have recently seen it in Ulta.

Over all I like it, and I think it is a nice change on the brighter pastels I usually see for Spring. I was originally iffy on Bossy Boots (hubby picked it out) but it has grown on me. I like it a lot better on my nails than I did in the bottle. If you can try it out you should, don’t write it off just based of how it looks in the bottle – you may be surprised.

And now my problem is coming up with something to do for the rest of an Easter mani, so if you have any suggestions for me pleeeeeeeeeease let me know!

~ Jaclyn

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