Friday, March 15, 2013

NotD - Maisie and Raven

Greetings all!

I haven’t gotten around to a St. Paddy’s Day mani yet (but those of you who did should be emailing a photo to to enter the contest!) but my current mani does have some green to it.

First, the undies – Zoya Raven

Color: Black crème with silver shimmer that keeps it from being a severe pure black.
Formula: Consistency is great.
Application: Easy to work with; minimal streaking with first coat, but evened out with the second coat.
Wear: After three days I have no chips and almost no tip wear.
Dupe: I don’t have it to compare myself, but my understanding is Chanel Black Satin and Raven are pretty much dead on dupes.
Where to buy: Raven is available on the Zoya website here.

The photo is two coats of Raven over a regular base coat and without a top coat, and I used the flash to pick up the silver shimmer. If you haven’t figured it out yet Raven is my go-to black nail polish.

And over Raven is Maisie, one of Zoya’s Fleck Effect Top Coats from Spring 2012. This photo is one coat of Maisie over the two coats of Raven, with one coat of HK Girl on top, and taken in natural light. You can see the color shift with the blue towards the left and the green towards the right.

Color: Translucent blue base with holo glitter flakes that flash cobalt blue and bright green.
Formula: Consistency is a tiny bit thicker than regular polish to suspend the glitter.
Application: Easy to work with, great glitter payout/no fishing, minimal placing to avoid flakes piling together.
Wear: After three days I have no chips and almost no tip wear.
Dupe: Maisie and Opal (Zoya’s green based fleck polish) are really close, the only difference I can tell is the shade of the base. If you put either of them over a dark polish they look the same, and general consensus seems to be they are both similar to Finger Paints’ Flecked.
Where to buy: Unfortunately Maisie is not available on the website at this time, but Opal can be found here.

I have worn the Fleck Effect polishes over a couple of different colored bases, and I have to say I like them over dark colors like black or Navy blue the best. The flakes show up better over dark colors and can be hard to see over lighter colors.

Have you ever worn any of the holo flake polishes? Which did you like the best and let me know in comments if you recommend any.


~ Jaclyn

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