Saturday, March 9, 2013

Reader's Choice Mani #2 - Zoya Holly and Gilty

Hiya everyone.

Today's mani is the one suggested by Steph - green with gold flake top coat.

For the green I used Zoya's Holly, a gorgeous bright green metallic from Zoya’s Gems and Jewels 2011 Holiday collection. Holly is one of my favorite shades of green and I think she is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas. Consistency and application were great.

The gold flake top coat I have is Zoya’s Gilty, from the Gilty Pleasures set that came out this past Fall. Since Gilty is a top coat I just used one coat for this mani. She has a slightly thick consistency, but not more than I see with most glitters, and for application she is fine to work with. A good amount of flake was on the brush each time so there was no fishing. I did work a little on placing some of the flakes, but that is because I am really picky and need flakes/glitters distributed as evenly as I can get them. Like most glitters, Gilty does not dry completely smooth, but one coat of TC evened it out with no problem. After two days of wear I have not had a single chip and no tip wear.

For these photos, I used two coats of Holly over base coat, one coat of Gilty, and one coat of my HK Girl top coat. The photo in direct sunlight is most accurate for color but the indirect sunlight is pretty close.

Direct sunlight
Artificial light

Indirect sunlight

I like the way this combo looks together a lot; it makes me think of a funky animal print type pattern. I think Holly is a great background for the gold of Gilty, and this is probably a great St. Paddy’s Day manicure. Unfortunately, while Holly is still available on the website, Gilty was a limited edition and is not available at this time. But, Gilty was brought back for a bit, so perhaps she will make an appearance again?

So, what do you think of this combination, and the gold flake top coats in general? Let me know in comments.

Laters all!

~ Jaclyn

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