Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter mani... a day late

Greetings all!

Unfortunately as much as I liked how my Easter mani turned out, I didn't get to show it to you yesterday. So, here is my slightly stale(?) Peeps® bunny mani.

The main color is two coats of Liquid Lacquer's Stay Strong and Cari on over one coat of SC Sugar Rush. For the bunnies I used SC Unicorn for the background, and then pink acrylic paint and pink nail art glitter for the bunnies. I topped it with a coat of HKG, and then used a Sharpie for the eyes and nose.

And now for the bunny's close-up

The bunnies are actually a little more of a hot pink Peeps® color, but I can't get it to translate to the camera. I think the bunnies came out pretty cute. Maybe there is something to be said for marshmallow bunnies instead of chocolate bunnies. :o)

~ Jaclyn

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