Monday, April 15, 2013

L.A. Girl Purple Effects to Purple Up! For Military Kids

Hey everyone.

While April is Autism Awareness Month, it is also the "Month of the Military Child" and today is “Purple Up! For Military Kids.” To show my support for military families, I did a manicure with Purple Effect, one of the new L.A. Girl 3D Effects Hologram polishes.

For my mani I used two coats of Purple Effect over a regular base coat and used one coat of Out The Door on top.

Outdoors in sunlight

Indoors, natural light


Color: Plum-toned purple scattered holo.
Formula: Consistency is great and it’s pretty densely packed with the holo glitter.
Application: Also great. Very minimal streaking/patchiness on the first coat that evened out with the second coat, no problem with the distribution of the glitter and self leveled.
Wear: I haven’t had it on long enough to say.
Dupe: Zoya Aurora
Where to buy: Rite Aid and the L.A. Girls website here.

Overall I like this polish a lot, and I'm glad I got five others from the set. It's a great polish to work with and the holo effect is great so I highly recommend getting them. The purple, red and black are dupes for Zoya's Aurora, Blaze and Storm from the Ornate Collection, so you may be able to skip those L.A. Girl colors. If you want to that is. ;o)

Below are links to other bloggers participating in Purple Up!, so go check out their pages too. And if you are rocking purple feel free to add your link!

~ Jaclyn