Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pahlish Anticipating and Pacing

Greetings all!

Sorry for the blog slacking, work has been taking up more of my time than usual. But enough about that, onto the polish!

Today I have Anticipating and Pacing, one of the polishes from Pahlish's Coney Island Queen collection. I have a few other polishes from Pahlish, and I have to say none have ever disappointed me.

Photos are two coats of Anticipating and Pacing over a white glue base coat and topped with one coat of Out the Door.

Indirect sunlight

Indoors with natural light
Color: Creamy coral with small blue hexes, blue micro glitter, and gold shimmer that I couldn't capture in the photos.
Formula: Excellent consistency.
Application: Went on like a dream. Coverage was great, almost no thin spots with the first coat, completely even with second coat. Glitter distributed well without fishing or placing, and the glitter is fine enough that one coat of Out the Door leveled it off.
Wear: I had it on for three days with no chips or tip wear.
Dupe: None that I know of.
Where to buy: Anticipating and Pacing, as well as the rest of the Coney Island Queen collection and other shades, is available in Pahlish's Etsy shop.
I know the shade of the polish is creamier than earlier swatch photos I saw, but this is a gorgeous shade of coral and a very pretty color for Summer. I highly recommend checking it out.
~ Jaclyn

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