Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nail of the Day- Tanzanite Truth

Hey everyone.

Today I have for you rather picture-heavy post with another polish from Lynnderella's Talismans and Birthstones collection - Tanzanite Truth. This particular birthstone is my dear hubby's, which is why I got this color. And I am really happy I did.

Here one coat of the glittery beauty over Zoya Julie, with OPI DS Magic, and all topped with two coats of SV.

I said it was going to by photo heavy. I wanted to show the polish in different lighting so you could get a good idea of how she looks. Tanzanite Truth is a gorgeous mix of different shapes of violet, blue, and purple glitters in a shimmery base. If you love purple, this is a polish you should get your hands on, and you can purchase it at Lynnderella Lacquers, and you can check out more of the collection (as well as other polishes) on Lynnderella's webpage.

And on that note, g'night all!

~ Jaclyn

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Birthstone Mani

Greetings all!

I recently celebrated my birthday, and as a present to myself I bought a few polishes from Lynnderella's Talismans and Birthstones Collection. Of course I had to get the polish for my birthstone, which is the yellow-green peridot. Today I have for you my birthstone mani, using Lynnderella’s Peridot Power and Zoya’s Tangy.

The photos below are three coats of Tangy topped with one coat of SV, and 2 coats of Peridot Power over white and topped with two coats of SV to even it out a bit.

Direct sunlight

Indirect sunlight
Overcast sunlight

Tangy is a yellowish-green metallic duochrome that flashes orange, and you can see a little of the color shift on my middle nail in the second photo. Peridot Power is a clear base packed (and I mean PACKED) with different shades of green glitter and microglitter, plus some gold-toned and holographic glitter. This is the first Lynn I have ever worn, and I was not disappointed. I am also happy with how my mani is holding up; while I've had major chipping issues with glitterbombs in the past, the only chip I have in PP is after four days and it's a spot where everything chips because of the curve of my nail.

I have to admit, it was really hard to get a picture that comes anywhere close to being color accurate for either polish. I was trying for a few days to get photos I thought were good enough. Direct sunlight shows both the colors and the holo glitters the best.

Tangy is available on the Zoya website, and Peridot Power, along with other shades from the Talismans and Birthstones Collection, is available for purchase in Lynnderella's store.  Check out the collection, there are some stunners.


~ Jaclyn

Sunday, August 11, 2013

And the winner is...

Hi everyone.

I just realized that in my absence I neglected to post who won my prize in the Spring Fling Giveaway. The winner of the set of Julie G Gumdrops was Lindy Grkman. Congratulations Lindy!

I am sorry I have been absent for so long. Unfortunately the rest of life has gotten in the way a bit, but I hope to get back to blogging regularly soon.In the meantime, I hope you are all enjoying your summer. :o)

Laters all!

~ Jaclyn