Monday, September 2, 2013

NotD - Red, White and Blue for Labor Day

Hey all.

You’ve probably seen a ton of red, white and blue manicures for Labor Day, and here is mine.

For the marble accents, I did the plastic wrap technique with Zoya Purity for the base, the red is Zoya Sooki (available on Zoya’s website, as is Purity), and the blue is Revlon Indigo Night (which I’ve seen at CVS and Rite Aid). My red and my blue nails are both solvent resistant loose glitters from JessiGeeWhiz’s Etsy shop; the red is Bloodlust and the blue is the Cobalt Blue, and both are currently listed in the shop. If you’re looking for loose glitters to use in nail art, I recommend getting some of hers. To use the glitter, I applied one coat of colored polish, applied one coat of top coat, dipped my nails into the corresponding glitter while the clear coat was still wet, and then I did one coat of Gelous and one coat of SV to seal in and smooth out the glitter.

And now I am gonna go enjoy the remainder of my long weekend. Laters!

~ Jaclyn

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